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BS EN ISO 8847 pdf free download

BS EN ISO 8847-2021 pdf free download.Small craft一Steering gear一 Cable over pulley systems.
4 General requirements
4.1 Components of the steering system shall be fastened securely to the structure of the craft, reinforced where necessary, especially at the steering mechanism bulkhead/pedestal mounting and at pulleys.
4.2 On a sailing boat, the steering arm connection to the rudder shaft shall be capable of transmitting the required steering torque to the rudder.
NOTE Rudder requirements are addressed in ISO 12215-8.
4.3 Cable over pulley steering systems designed to meet the requirements of this document shall not be used to steer craft having outboard engine(s) in excess of 37 kW total power.
4.4 All threaded fasteners whose integrity affects safe operation of the steering system so that separation or loss of the fasteners can cause total steering loss without warning shall be provided with a locking means.
4.4.1 Threaded fasteners that can be expected to be disturbed by installation or adjustment procedures shall be referenced by instructions for correct assembly and:
a) shall be locked by a device whose presence is determined by visual inspection or by feel following assembly, or
b) shall incorporate an integral locking means, provided the fastener cannot be omitted or substituted without making the steering system inoperable.
NOTE Self.iocking nuts with plastic inserts that create mechanical plastic interference meet the above stated requirements.
4.5 Loose lock washers, distorted thread nuts or separately applied adhesives shall not be used.
4.6 Plain threaded jam nuts may be used to permit adjustments and shall be designed so that total separation of parts or other complete loss of steering will not occur should they loosen.
4.7 Plastics and elastomers shall be designed to resist degradation from ultraviolet radiation, salt water, hydrocarbons and ozone.
4.8 Components of the steering system shall be resistant to corrosion, either by virtue of material or coating thereof, and shall be galvanically compatible with adjoining components.
4.9 Components of the steering system shall be sized to prevent derailing or jamming of the cable.
4.10 Components of the steering system shall be accessible for inspection and maintenance.
4.11 Compass interference — Materials used In the various components of the steering system as supplied shall not affect the accuracy and reliability of a compass mounted on the pedestal, if used, whatever steering angle is used.
5 Steering system requirements
5.1 Steering stops for the outboard engine shall permit at least 300 of angular movement either side of centre. Stops for the rudder blade steering arm quadrant shall he set by the sailing boat manufacturer.
5.2 When used with an outboard engine, the cable over pulley steering system attachment to the engine shall be designed so that with any combination of engine turn and tilt, there will be no damaging interference between the engine, its accessories, the steering system and the craft.
5.3 Steering wheels and helm shafts shall be selected to lit each other. See Annex A. Figure A.1 a), b), c). NOTE Steering wheel requirements are addressed in ISO 23411.
5.3.1 The largest diameter D and deepest dish steering wheel information shall be permanently marked by the component manufacturer on the steering mechanism so as to be visible with the steering mechanism installed, and the wheel removed. See Figure 3.
5.3.2 When equipped with the largest diameter D and deepest dish steering wheel for which the helm is rated, all steering components shall be of sufficient strength to successfully pass the testing requirements of Clause 7.BS EN ISO 8847 pdf download.


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