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EN ISO 1182 pdf free download

EN ISO 1182-2020 pdf free download.Reaction to fire tests for products – Non-combustibility test (ISO 1182:2020).”
4 Apparatus
4.1 General
The test apparatus shall be capable 01 creating the conditions specified in Li. A typical design of furnace is given in Annex B: other designs of furnace may be used.
NOTE 1 All dimensions given in the description of the test apparatus are nominal values, unless tolerances are specified.
The apparatus shall consist of a furnace comprising essentially a refractory tube surrounded by a heating coil and enclosed in an insulated surround. A cone-shaped airflow stabilizer shall be attached to the base of the furnace and a draught shield to its top.
The furnace shall be mounted on a stand and shall be equipped with a specimen holder and a device for inserting the specimen-holder into the furnace tube.
Thermocouples, as specified in £4. shall be provided for measuring the furnace temperatures and the furnace wall temperature. The thermal sensor, as specified in 4. shall be provided for measuring the furnace temperature along its central axis.
NOTE 2 Annex C gives details of additional thermocouples to be used if the specimen surface temperature and the specimen centre temperature are required.
4.2 Furnace, draught shield and stand
4.2.1 Furnace tube, made of an alumina refractory material as specified in TahIeL of density (2 800 ± 300) kg/rn3. It shall be (150 ± 1) mm high with an internal diameter of (75 ± 1) mm and a wall thickness of (10 ± 1) mm.EN ISO 1182 pdf download.

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