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EN ISO 7285 pdf free download

EN ISO 7285-2021 pdf free download.Pneumatic cylinders for mechanized multiple spot welding (ISO 7285:1995).
This International Standard specifies the requirements of the geometrical and mechanical characteristics ofpneumatic cylinders used for multiple spot welding machines and their manufacturing, delivery and test specifications.
These cylinders for a nominal air pressure of I M Pa (10 bar) are double-acting, with two piston stages in series for the advance during the operational stroke and the force, and a single piston stage for the return.
2 Normative reference
The following standard contains provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this International Standard. At the time of publication, the edition indicated was valid. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this International Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent edition of the standard indicated below. Members of IEC and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
ISO 4394-1:1980, Fluid power systems and components — Cylinder barrels — Part 1: Requirements for steel tubes with specially finished bores.
3 Nominal characteristics
The cylinders covered by this international Standard are characterized by their nominal stroke, their nominal force and their outside dimensions.
3.1 Nominal strokes
The nominal strokes standardized, in millimetres, are
3.2 Nominalforces
The nominal forces standardized, in kilonewtons, for a pressure of 1 M Pa (10 bar) are
2,19 — 2,86 — 3,61 — 4,61 — 5,92 — 760 — 9,74
4 Fixing the cylinder
The cylinder is mounted on the machine by one of the methods A to I-I described in annex A.
5 Dimensions
5.1 Outside dimensions
Depending on the method of mounting the cylinder, the nominal force and the nominal stroke, the cylinders shall have the dimensions indicated in the drawings in annexC taking into account the characteristics of the electrode holder attachment indicated in annex B.
The nominal values of the maximum outside dimensions, in millimetres, are
5.2 Bore diameter
The recommended dimensions, in millimetres, are
Tolerances shall be in accordance with ISO 4394-1 — H12.
6 Operating specifications
6.1 Nominal force
The nominal force shall be given at a pressure of 1 MPa (10 bar) with a tolerance of ± 5 %.
6.2 Return force
The return force shall not be less than 40 % of the nominal force.
6.3 Maximum supply pressure
The maximum supply pressure is 1,6 MPa (16 bar).
7 Construction
7.1 Point of application of the reaction
The cylinders shall function correctly when the reaction to the nominal force is being applied at a maximum distance of 28 mm from the axis of thrust.
7.2 Piston rod
The sliding bearing surfaces of the rod shall have an adequate hardness to avoid friction, wear, oxidization and any scale caused by sputtering (sparks).
7.3 Rotation
The piston rod assembly is considered as nonrotating. The anti-rotating device shall withstand, without being damaged, a rotary torque of 150 N-rn applied in either direction and at any point of the travel of the piston rod.
7.4 Seals
The seals shall be compatible with fluids used to lubricate the cylinder.
7.5 Perpendicularity — Parallelism between the mounting point and the attachment
Any faults in perpendicularity or parallelism of the bearing surface of the body of the cylinder with respect to the axis of the shank cone of the electrode holder shall not exceed 0,2 % (for inspection, see 10.2).EN ISO 7285 pdf download.

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