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ISO 11904-2 pdf free download

ISO 11904-2-2021 pdf free download.Acoustics一Determination of sound immission from sound sources placed close to the ear一 Part 2: Technique using a manikin.
Iso 11904 is a series of standards which specify methods for the determination of sound immissions from sources located close to the ear in which situations the sound pressure level measured at the position of the exposed person (but with the person absent) does not adequately represent the sound exposure.
In order to make it possible to assess the exposure by means of well-established criteria, the exposure of the ear is measured and subsequently converted into a corresponding free-field or diffuse-field level. The result is given as a free-field related or diffuse-field related equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level, LFF,II,ACq or LDF.II,Aeq when ISO 11904-1 is used, or LFF,M.ACq or LDF.M.ACq when ISO 11904-2 is used.
ISO 11904-1 describes measurements carried out using miniature or probe microphones inserted in the ears of human subjects (microphones in real ear, MIRE technique). ISO 11904-2 describes measurements carried out using a manikin equipped with ear simulators including microphones (manikin technique).
ISO 11904 may, for instance, be applied to equipment tests and the determination of noise exposure at the workplace where, in the case of exposure from sources close to the ears, the sound pressure level measured at the position of the exposed person (but with the person absent) does not adequately represent the sound exposure. Examples of applications are head- and earphones used to reproduce music or speech, whether at the workplace or during leisure, nail guns used close to the head, and combined exposure from a close-to-ear sound source and an external sound field.
When specific types of equipment are to be tested (e.g. portable cassette players or hearing protectors provided with radio receivers), test signals suitable for this particular type of equipment have to be used. Neither such test signals nor the operating conditions of the equipment are included in ISO 11904 but might be specified in other standards.
When workplace situations are measured, the various noise sources contributing to the immission should be identified. Operating conditions for machinery and equipment used might be specified in other standards.
Both parts of ISO 11904 strive for the same result: a mean value for a population of the free-field or the diffuse-field related level. ISO 11904-1 does this by specifying the mean of measurements on a number of human subjects; ISO 11904-2 does this by using a manikin, which aims at reproducing the acoustical effects on an average human adult. However, the two methods yield different measurement uncertainties which can influence the choice of method. Only the method described in ISO 11904-1 gives results which indicate the variance in a human population. Information on the uncertainties is given in Annexes A and .
When using the MIRE technique for measurement of sound from earphones of insert and stethoscopic types, practical problems can occur with the positioning of microphones in the ear canal. When using the manikin technique, the headphone or earphone is coupled to the pinna simulator and ear canal extension as closely as possible to the way it is coupled to the human ear. In cases where headphones, earphones, or other objects touch the pinna, a possible deviation in stiffness or shape of the artificial pinna from human pinnae has a significant impact on the result and can even make the results invalid.
An overview of the differences between the two parts of ISO 11904 is given in Table 0.1.ISO 11904-2 pdf download.


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