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ISO 15590-2 pdf free download

ISO 15590-2-2021 pdf free download.Petroleum and natural gas industries一Factory bends, fittings and flanges for pipeline transportation systems – Part 2: Fittings.
5 Designation of fittings
Designation of fittings, according to this document, i.e. Iso 15590-2, shall take the form:
ISO 15590-2 YYxxx-Z,
— YY is a textual description of the type of fitting. corresponding to one of the following: EL for elbow, TE for tee, CA for cap, CR for concentric reducer, ER for eccentric reducer and N R for conical reducer, preceded by the size designation (e.g. “DN 600 EL is a DN 600 elbow);
— xxx is the specified minimum yield strength requirement in MPa;
— Z is the suffix B or S, B to identify the fitting class for use in non-sour service, or the suffix S to identify the use in sour-service conditions.
6 Pressure rating and design
6.1 General
The capability 01’ the fitting to withstand internal pressure shall equal or exceed that ot the matching pipe. The verification of the capability shall be made by calculation or proof testing. The calculations shall be made in accordance with Annex A. The proof test procedure shall be as defined in Annex B. Additional requirements on strength design verifications or different method of calculation, such as resistance to internal pressure under special load cases in accordance with ISO 13623, ASME B31.8, ASME 831.4 or other recognized international standards, shall be indicated at the time of enquiry or order.
The design calculations and/or results of proof testing shall be available for review at the manufacturer’s facility.
If the SMYS of the fitting material is less than that of the matching pipe, the minimum thickness of the fitting end shall be increased such that the product of its thickness times its SMYS shall at least equal the product of the specified wall thickness and the SMYS of the matching pipe, in accordance with
MSS SP-75.
6.2 Tees
Outlet branches in tees manufactured from seam-welded pipe shall be positioned diametrically opposite the longitudinal weld. When this positioning is not possible, the location shall be decided by agreement.
The design and welding for the attachment of guide bars of barred tees shall be decided by agreement prior to manufacture of the tee.
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Iso 15590-2:2021(E)
7 Information to be supplied by the purchaser
7.1 General information
The purchaser shall provide the following information in the order given below:
a) fitting designation;
b) required fitting dimensions, including:
— nominal wall thickness;
— radius and type of radius (e.g. long-radius);
— the angle (for elbows);
NOTE Guidance on specific dimensions to specify is given in ISO 3545-3.
c) whether the purchaser wishes to approve the MPS prior to commencement of manufacturing.
7.2 AdditIonal Information
If applicable, the purchaser shall specify the following supplementary information:
a) minimum design temperature;
b) maximum design temperature;
c) design conditions (design pressure, design factor, corrosion allowance and design code);
d) special dimensional requirements;
e) requirements for supplementary inspection and testing;
1) requirements for gauging and other measurements of dimensions where different from document;
g) mechanical property requirements at the maximum design temperature;
h) requirements for proof, burst, or hydrostatic testing;
i) activities for witnessing and approval by purchaser;
j) coating or painting requirements;
k) marking requirements where different from this document;
I) packaging and shipping instructions;
m) third-party inspection organization;
n) ISO 10474 or an equivalent regional standard, EN 10204, standard designation of inspection document required;
o) requirements for format and additional content of the inspection document;
p) whether testing of welding procedures, welders, or welding operators specific to the order is
q) whether approval of the MPS is to be by review of previous production data or by testing;ISO 15590-2 pdf download.

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