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ISO 21195 pdf free download

ISO 21195-2020 pdf free download.Ships and marine technology一 Systems for the detection of persons while going overboard from ships (man overboard detection).
5 Requirements
5.1 General
The testing outlined in this document shall be conducted by a laboratory meeting the requirements of ISO 17025 or may be conducted by the manufacturer, provided the tests conducted by the manufacturer are approved by a laboratory meeting the requirements of ISO 17025 or classification society that complies with the applicable unified interpretations and requirements posted by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) or other recognized organization.
NOTE IACS is an organization that establishes, reviews, promotes and develops minimum technical requirements in relation to the design, construction, maintenance and survey of ships and other marine related facilities. It also assists international regulatory bodies and standards organizations to develop, implement and interpret statutory regulations and industry standards in ship design, construction and maintenance, with a view to improving safety at sea and the prevention of marine pollution.
The intent of the following requirements is to measure the system level of performance in the intended, nominal operational environment.
Annex A provides additional recommendations for guidance to those developing, installing, testing and using MOB detection systems.
5.2 Principle of operation
An MOB system shall operate in accordance with the principles described in this subclause.
The MOB system sensors shall detect persons and other objects passing through the detection zone (see £7). Processing or analysis of the raw data may be conducted in the sensor(s), a server, the control station or any combination of the three.
Once the analysis is complete, the system shall have automatically excluded any event that is not a man overboard event (plus allowable rate of false alarms). For each event that passes the threshold for an MOB event, the system shall generate an indication. A human operator shall be required to review the event and determine if the event is a man overboard event or a false alarm.
False alarms shall be recorded in the system with a comment from the operator on the cause. This will be used to further develop understanding of the behaviour of such systems during normal operations and varied environmental conditions.
Man overboard events shall remain active on the control station until marked complete by a human operator with comments on outcome.
The MOB system shall be designed with the possibility to connect to integrated navigation systems (ECDIS) to display geospatially referenced MOB event markers.
The MOB system shall be designed with input interfaces for time, position and available environmental data.
5.3 System description
A general MOB detection system described in this document consists of a control station, sensor units, cables and associated software (Figure 1).ISO 21195 pdf download.

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