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ISO 21806-13 pdf free download

ISO 21806-13-2021 pdf free download.Road vehicles – Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST)一 Part 13: 50-Mbit/s balanced media physical layer conformance test plan.
5 Conventions
This document is based on 051 service conventions as specified in ISO/IEC 10731131.
6 Operating conditions and measurement tools, requested accuracy
6.1 Operating conditions
Temperature range for MOST components: TA = -40 °C to +105 °C according to ISO 21806-12:2021, 11.3.
Voltage range for MOST components: VCCCN and Va,, with an operating range of 3,3 V ± 0,165 V according to ISO 21806-12:2021. Clause 10.
NOTE There are functional requirements for the EBC within an extended voltage supply range according to
ISO 2 1806-12.
6.2 Apparatus — Measurement tools, requested accuracy
Apart from the measurement tools listed in this subclause, depending on the chosen test method and method to generate stimuli for the test, further equipment is necessary (e.g. electrical attenuator, discrete filter module to emulate cable transfer function). Performance requirements of such equipment depend on the use case.
The following list provides the measurement tools.
6.2.1 Oscilloscope
— digital sampling oscilloscope;
— sampling rate 5 gigasample/s;
— bandwidth 1 GHz;
— sampling memory 10 megasample;
— active probe (single-ended, differential).
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ISO 21806-13:2021(E)
6.2.2 VNA or TDR (TDR bandwidth 3,5 GHz).
6.2.3 Ampere meter
— accuracy< 2tA;
— trigger input (for timing measurements).
6.2.4 Pattern generator for generating MOST5O bPHY stress pattern
— bandwidth 100 Mbit/s;
— trigger output (for timing nwasurements).
7 Electrical characteristics
LVTTL testing of MOST devices or MOST components shall be performed according to JEDEC No. JESD8C.01.
8 Balanced media characteristics
8.1 Threshold for detection of alignment and transferred litter
All jitter measurements are based on detection of edges in the data stream. The threshold for detecting edges is set to 0 V of the differential signal (zero-crossing). DC offset in the measurements shall he minimized as it may indirectly compromise timing-parameter results, see 1Q2 and 1Q.
8.2 RMS signal amplitude
In ISO 21806-12:2021, 9.2, output signal power boundaries for SP2 and minimum input signal power at SP3 are defined as RMS voltage.
A waveform, signal voltage over time, is acquired on an oscilloscope. The RMS voltage VRMS is calculated according to Formula (1).ISO 21806-13 pdf download.

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