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ISO 23066 pdf free download

ISO 23066-2021 pdf free download.Vocabul ary related to rattan materials and products.
This document defines terms relating to rattan source plants, materials, intermediate rattan products and rattan products.
This document is applicable to rattan materials and products in production and trade.
2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms and definitions
3.1 Terms for rattan harvesting
3.1.1 rattan
general term for the spiny climbing palms of sub-family Calamoideae with slender tough stems
Note ito entry: Calamoideae is one of the subfamilies of Arecaceae containing 21 genera and about 620 species including the rattan palms, whose stems are harvested for the production of cane furniture and many other products.
3.1.2 rattan stem
part of rattan (lu) plant that is above ground and bears the leaves and the plant reproductive parts
3.1.3 rattan cane
part of the rattan stem (11.2) with leaf sheath and shoot tip removed
3.1.4 rattan cirrus
spiny, whip-like structure at the tip of leaf which serves as a climbing organ in some rattan (11,1) species
3.1.5 rattan flagellum
sterile inflorescence modified as climbing organ, in the form of a barbed whip, found in some rattan (ILl) species of the genus Calamus
Note ito entry: (‘alamus isa genus of the Calamoideae. There are an estimated 400 species in this genus, mostly leaf-climbing lianas with slender, reedy stemslJ.
3.1.6 rattan petiole
stalk otruttan (iii.) leaf
3.1.7 rattan leaf sheath
lower portion of rattan (3.L1) leaf, located below the petiole, normally spiny and encircles the cane
3.1.8 rattan shoot
young or tender part of growing rattan bud
3.1.9 rattan spine
sturdy, sharp-pointed outgrowth derived from a leaf or leaf sheath
3.1.10 green rattan cane
fresh rattan cane (1L3) that has not undergone intentional drying process
3.1.11 mature rattan cane
rattan cane (3.13) that has attained full structural development
3.2 Terms for rattan cane
3.2.1 rattan node
thickened part of rattan cane (3.1.3), usually marked by a darker colour line encircling the cane
3.2.2 rattan internode
region between two adjacent nodes ala rattan cane (3.L3)
3.2.3 rattan epidermis
outermost layer or skin of rattan cane (313) consisting of a single row of cells
3.2.4 rattan flesh
woody material underneath the rattan epidermis (323)
3.2.5 cane diameter
dimension of cane that is used to determine the cane diameter classes large diameter cane
class of rattan canes (113) with diameter of 18 mm and above small diameter cane
class of rattan canes (1L3) with diameter below 18 mm
3.3 Terms for rattan intermediate products
3.3.1 rattan pole
round, unsplit rattan cane (3.1.3) of specified length unpeeled rattan pole
rattan pole (33.1) with epidermis intact peeled rattan pole
rattan pole (13.1) with epidermis removed.ISO 23066 pdf download.

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