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ISO 28199-1 pdf free download

ISO 28199-1-2021 pdf free download.Paints and varnishes – Evaluation of properties of coating systems related to the spray application process – Part 1: Vocabulary and preparation of test panels.
4 Principle
The coating material to be tested is applied to a test panel. Various optical properties are measured by an appropriate procedure dependent on the film thickness.
5 Apparatus
Use ordinary laboratory apparatus and the following.
5.1 Automatic painting machine, used to coat the specified test panels according to the procedure and accuracy specified in this document.
The accuracy of the film thickness profiles (wedge-shaped or constant) produced has a decisive influence on the reproducibility and repeatability of the results obtained when using this procedure, and the application parameters should therefore be as close as possible to those of the process to be simulated.
NOTE Examples of suitable application parameters are given in Annex A.
5.2 Device for automatic positioning of measuring devices. It shall be possible to position the measuring devices that are used on the coated test panels based on the specified measurement pattern (9A.1) in a reproducible manner using the device for automatic positioning of measuring devices.
6 Calibration
The measuring devices are calibrated and, if necessary, adjusted in accordance with the specifications or standards of the relevant manufacturers. The positioning accuracy of the measuring devices in accordance with the manufacturers specifications shall be ensured by regular maintenance of the equipment (control of inspection, measuring and test equipment).
7 Sampling
Take a representative sample of the product to be investigated, in accordance with ISO 15528.
Examine and prepare each sample for testing, in accordance with ISO 1513.
8 Test panels
8.1 Substrate
Unless otherwise agreed, use either:
a) version A: perforated panel (see Figure 3) of dimensions 300 mm x 570 mm x 0,75 mm; or NOTE The perforation is needed for the determination of sagging only.
b) version B: panel (see Fjgure) of dimensions 200 mm x 500 mm x 0,75 mm.
Only metal panels of defined surface quality as agreed between interested parties shall be used for testing.
8.2 Preparation of the test panel
Figure 3 shows examples of usual preparations for test panels.ISO 28199-1 pdf download.

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