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ISO 6535 pdf free download

ISO 6535-2008 pdf free download.Portable chain-saws – Chain brake performance.
6 Chain-saw preparation
The engine shall have been run in and warmed up before the test and the carburettor and ignition adjusted according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
The chain-saw and chain tension shall be adjusted for best cutting performance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. If nothing else is stated, the chain tension shall be adjusted so that, when a 1 kg mass is hanging from the centre of the usable cutting length along the lower portion of the chain, the gap between the chain side link and the bar is a minimum of 0,017 mm per millimetre of bar length.
If applicable, the chain oil pump shall be adjusted to its maximum setting according to the manufacturers recommendations. The type of chain lubrication oil used shall be noted in the test report.
7 Procedure
7.1 BrakIng time
7.1.1 General
Keep the throttle in a fixed position during the braking. This position shall correspond to the racing speed defined as the manufacturer’s rated speed for maximum power plus 33 % or full throttle, whichever is the lesser. When the chain has stopped after braking, adjust the throttle to idling and reset the brake.
No brake adjustment of any kind and no cleaning shall be carried out during the test. No readings shall be excluded.
The saw shall be rigidly mounted by the handles during the test.
The brake shall be released with a blow from the pendulum (5.6), which shall strike the front hand-guard from a drop height causing an impact energy of 1,4 J ± 0.2 J and along a line of action forming an angle of 450± 50 with the axis of the guide-bar (see Figure 1).
Carry out the test according to 7.1.2, 7.1.3 and 7.1.4.
7.1.2 PrelimInary running Perform 300 actuations of the chain brake, without braking time measurements, at a chain speed between maximum power speed and racing speed and so that overheating is not expected. This shall be assured by the following precautions:
the time interval between each of the 300 actuations shall be at least 30 s;
the throttle trigger shall always be deactivated immediately after the brake has been actuated. Cut softwood for the time it takes to use one tankful of fuel at approximately maximum power speed. The chain brake shall not be activated during this cutting. No cleaning of the chain saw is permitted after this cutting sequence.
7.1.3 First test Run the engine at racing speed. Brake the chain to a stop five times at 30 s intervals, and record the braking times. All tests in
which the engine speed exceeds the racing speed shall be omitted and the test shall be repeated.
7.1.4 Second test Run the engine at racing speed. Carry out 15 activations of the brake at 30 s intervals, without braking time measurement.
7,1.4.3 Immediately carry out five brakes at 30 s intervals and record the braking times. All tests in which
the engine speed exceeds the racing speed shall be omitted and repeated.
7.2 Release force (static test)
The engine shall not be run during this test. The force shall be applied at a uniform rate.
Measure the force on the front hand-guard needed to activate the brake in the direction of 450 forward and downward in relation to the guide bar centreline at the centre of the top (horizontal) part of the front hand- guard (see Figure 2). Repeat this measurement twice for a total of three measurements.
Each chain-saw shall be measured before and after the measurement of chain braking time (see 7.1) and the results of both series of measurements shall be reported.
8 Report
8.1 Braking time
Report all recorded braking times and the calculated average value of the ten measurements (see and in milliseconds.
8.2 Release force
Report the six recorded release forces in newtons.ISO 6535 pdf download.

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