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ISO 6932-2008 pdf free download.Cold-reduced carbon steel strip with a maximum carbon content of 0,25 %.
1.1 This International Standard applies to cold-reduced carbon steel strip with a maximum mass fraction of carbon of 0,25 %, furnished to two levels of closer tolerances than cold-reduced carbon steel sheet, with specific quality, specific hardness requirements or mechanical properties, specific edge and specific finish.
NOTE This International Standard does not apply to the product in narrow widths known as cold-reduced carbon steel sheet slit from wider widths (ISO 3574), nor does it include cold-reduced carbon steel strip with a mass fraction of carbon over 0,25 % (ISO 4960).
1.2 Cold-reduced carbon steel strip is produced with a maximum mass fraction of the specified carbon not
— 0,15 % for material specified to mechanical properties;
— 0,25 % for material specified to temper (hardness) requirements.
1.3 This product is commonly produced in thicknesses of 6 mm and under, and in widths of up to 600 mm,
in coils and cut lengths.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 6507-1, Metallic materials — Vickers hardness test — Part 1: Test method
ISO 6508-1. Metallic materials — Rockwell hardness test — Part 1: Test method (scales A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K,N,T)
ISO 6892-1, Metallic materials — Tensile testing — Part 1: Method of test at room temperature
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1 cold-reduced carbon steel strip
product manufactured from hot-rolled, descaled coils by cold reducing to the desired thickness on a single-stand mill or on a tandem mill consisting of several single stands in series
3.2 cold reduction
process of reducing the thickness of the strip at room temperature whereby the amount of reduction is greater than that used for a skin pass (3.9)
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ISO 6932:2008(E)
3.3 aluminium killed
steel which has been deoxidized with aluminium sufficient to prevent the evolution of gas during solidification
3.4 annealing
process of heating to, and holding at. a suitable temperature and then cooling at a suitable rate for such purposes as lowering hardness, facilitating cold working, producing a desired microstructure or obtaining desired mechanical, physical or other properties
3.5 temper
designation by number or term to indicate the hardness as a minimum, as a maximum or as a range
NOTE The tempers are obtained by the selection and control of chemical composition, by amounts of cold reduction, by thermal treatment and by a skin pass.
3.6 dead soft
condition describing annealed strip produced without definite control of stretcher strains or fluting
NOTE It is suitable for drawing and other applications where such surface characteristics are not objectionable.
3.7 surface finish
degree of smoothness or lustre of the strip
3.8 skin pass
light cold rolling of the product resulting in an increase in hardness and some loss in ductility
NOTE The purpose of skin passing is to minimize the appearance of coil breaks, stretcher strains and fluting, or to control shape, or to obtain the required surface finish.
4 Chemical composition
4.1 General
The chemical composition (heat analysis) shall not exceed the values given in Tables I and 2.
4.2 Heat analysis
A heat analysis of each heat of steel shall be made by the manufacturer to determine compliance with the requirements of Tables 1 and 2. When requested at the time of ordering, this analysis shall be reported to the purchaser or his representative.
4.3 Product analysis
A product analysis may be made by the purchaser to verify the specified analysis of the product and shall take into consideration any normal heterogeneity. Non-killed steels (such as rimmed or capped) are not technologically suited to product analysis.
For killed steels, the sampling method and deviation limits shall be agreed upon between the interested parties at the time of ordering. The product analysis tolerances shall be in accordance with Tables 2 and 3.ISO 6932 pdf download.

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